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Qmunicator Lets Businesses:

Converse With Clients and Employees

Clients and employees can message each other instantly, increasing team productivity and efficiency. Simplify your work life by reducing the amount of emails you receive.

Safely Share Files

Our encryption is no joke. Simply attach a file to a message and you can share files with anyone in your contact list. Files are immediately synced and searchable across all our platforms.

Qmunicator Messaging


Client and Employee Contact Management

Avoid confusion and create lasting relationships by assigning contacts directly to clients and employees. You can control who speaks to whom, whether it be client to employee or employee to employee.

Compliance Email Archiving

All communications are automatically logged and archived, meeting most compliance standards. Spend less time filing emails and more time doing what you need to do.

Qmunicate from Anywhere

Responsive Web Applications

Our applications work in all browsers, for all screen sizes, even mobile browsers. Everything is synchronized so that anything you do on one device is reflected everywhere.

Native iOS Application

Iphone users can download our native iOS app from the App Store for a streamlined mobile experience, complete with special features like push notifications.

Qmuni BaaS

Qmunicator is built with Qmuni BaaS, our very own custom-made BaaS. If you would like to know more about our BaaS, please contact us at 844-QMUNI-COM (844-768-6426).